Almost there!

One more piece of paper to present to the mairie on Friday, and we MIGHT be able to finally open our (restaurant) doors to the public on 16th June… well maybe, because at the final hurdle absolutely none of the various security, planning, building control and administrative departments know exactly what we are supposed to install or do or be inspected on, or ‘controles as they are called. To be fair, everyone is just trying to do what they are meant to be doing, but it would help, as the secretary of the mairie put it, if there was some sort of global control with a simple set of rules. I’m sticking to my favourite and most helpful department, the security side of the fire brigade who have come to my rescue several times by confirming I do not need 10 fire exits, 5 different safety inspections and an alarm connected to the pentagon…Unlike the Gendarmes who turned up in full flak jackets and taser guns regalia for a friendly and non discriminatory visit to warn they will back to check our controles.

I think I have every piece of equipment and evacuation, access and exit covered for every possible person, dossiers covering any situation and  – if all else fails (I learnt this on the 3 day obligatory alcohol course!) notices to put up to cover my self!

Now, all I need to do is get help for exhausted husband to finish all the renovations and … of course, almost forgot! Need to organise the actual food and drink…


Inauguration of Restaurant de Montcléra

We might not be allowed to officially open yet, but we had a fabulous weekend that included the official ‘opening’ by the mayor and community.DSC_7933_DxO_RestaurantDSC_8180_DxO_RestaurantDSC_8449_DxO_RestaurantDSC_8558_DxO_Restaurant

It is all starting to look great, even that trashed bar DSC_8518_DxO_Restaurantand we are looking forward to finally getting the last bits finished.

Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to make the inauguration a success.

Especially George the photographer…


And my poor tired husband who still has lots to do!