Excitement Building

Just wondering if the new restaurant renovations will ever get there when what we started with, 018

now looks like this…IMG_2969

But always cheered up when I look out of the window and see the chateau looking fabulous with spring blossom.004

Also loving my vintage plates, piling up along with numerous other equipment waiting for a finished kitchen…038 (2)

And with the new season we get to see weddings at the Mairie next door, 033

And have some interesting visitors when a tiny circus comes to town!016 (2)

Various buildings have been cleared of ancient artefacts, ready for the theatre workshops during the summerIMG_2964

using ancient artefacts to clear them.013

and the countdown has started for the official inauguration at the end of the month – we might even have the official planning permission by then too, but  will have to wait for the kitchen fire doors to arrive before we open to the public… Excitement building!