Downs and Ups

Here are two boring facts that I have recently learned; Ones doors must swing open towards the outside if one is to have more than 50 people dining inside a building of my size, (a little problematic if the original doors can’t be changed because the historic monuments people don’t want them altered), and from July this year restaurants are not allowed to have signs displayed at the side of the road. Unless you already have one up of course. But we are not allowed to put one up because… from July this year restaurants are not allowed to have signs displayed at the side of the road…
But, I have also learned this week, that one of the best experiences of setting up a restaurant in rural France is meeting local suppliers. From vegetables and chickens, to pigs and goats cheeses (and don’t forget the wines) the joy is eventually finding them down hidden valleys, on ancient farms where generations old and new are continuing to provide high quality produce – and they are passionate about their products too. (Thank you to the friends who have taken the time out to introduce me). I spent a morning talking to the cleanest happiest calmest goats I have ever seen, and was today with my neighbour, who has kindly planted edible flowers, and herbs for me in his garden. Provenance, yes! Just down the road.

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About partyinfrance

Rosie Paddon offers bespoke planning for all unique events in France. Wedding planning and Rosieskitchen Catering services. Rosie Paddon is able to put over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry around the world to use in organising exceptional French Events. Her enthusiasm for the area – with its atmospheric architecture, the markets and love of food, and the diverse activities available, means that she can provide you with vital knowledge to help you plan your party, no matter what your budget. From hilltop castles, a local chapel with ancient frescoes, feasts in an enormous banqueting barn, or a romantic vine clad tower, your dream wedding, or any celebration, is possible. French Events at Partyinfrance is a bespoke service and every wedding or celebration is unique so do not hesitate to contact Rosie for individual help and advice. ‘Rosies Kitchen’ also offers a bespoke Personal Chef and Private Catering Service. Working with as many local suppliers as possible, they have provided meals from a romantic dinner for two, to weddings and village fetes for over 200. Rosie believes that a celebration meal can make or break a successful party and is especially enthusiastic about food! Although usually leaning towards a relaxed French fete atmosphere - Spit roasting or barbequing over an open fire pit is their speciality - there is often a personal element relative to a couple that can be incorporated into a menu. Personal menus are devised to suit the occasion & the numbers involved. They are also experienced in Vegetarian & Vegan, and dietary intolerant options. Rosies Kitchen lovely catering staff are a must for use at events too large for clients to handle on their own. This is also the perfect answer for stressed hosts who want to organise their own event, but can use the consulting service, and can let the team take over.

2 responses to “Downs and Ups

  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall with the 2 departments discussing the door issue…can just visualize the shrugs! I am intrigued to hear how it will be resolved, the practicality of the French will prevail – eventually! In the meantime poor you, you’re the one having to endure stress and the futility of it all! Mind you, sounds like your laid back NZ style is winning through…carry on enjoying the important thing – sourcing all those wonderful products!


  2. You should see my lovely vintage plates too Tansy! Will post a photo next time…

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