Enjoying the Punishment

We have not quite yet survived the bureaucratic bungling of setting up a restaurant in France. We have just submitted ten copies of an enormous dossier to the mairie that needs to be presented to a load of different committees. First a planning department to change the official use of the building, (turns out that at some point after the restaurant last closed its doors in 1996, the building’s status was converted from commercial use to domestic), then a department to make sure it is fit for public use, then a meeting to look at all the fire and safety compliances, and then one to check out the handicap protocols. Oh, and don’t forget the notoriously fussy historic monuments division who have to have a peek too, because of the 700-year-old castle across the road – not that any of the reams of plans and descriptions have changed since the 1950s renovations.
No one in local officialdom is able to say exactly when or what bits of paper need to come back from all these places, but whether their pronouncements affect the planned opening at the beginning of June we are yet to see.
Meanwhile, back to the fun stuff! Shopping on a budget to equip and enhance a derelict restaurant that had been part of the community for 60 years.
The fire department couldn’t tell me where I can buy the appropriate fire extinguishers, but the old owner has lent me some wonderful photos dating back to when his grandmother first opened the restaurant doors in 1938. I need to get the facts in order before I can recount the history, but the photos are going to look fabulous on the walls…

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4 responses to “Enjoying the Punishment

  1. can’t wait to see it!!!


  2. Karen

    Exciting times ahead! Hope the paperwork comes through on time and all the best for a smooth opening.


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